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  Oil & Gas Exploration
In a country like India where infrastructure is underdeveloped, navigating through multiple hurdles and reaching the destination in time is a challenge. At Nabros, we have transformed this challenge into an opportunity.
Established in 1969, we have carved out a niche in the Heavy and Specialised Transport business. With over 40 years of extensive experience, we know the Indian transport landscape like the back of our hand.
A strong foundation, technological innovation, sound communication network and a professional approach enables us to excel in every endeavour we undertake.
The Power of Three  
At Nabros, an amalgam of 3 key resources machinery, methods and manpower ensures a smooth integration of all processes which helps us deliver the most complex cargo with ease.
    A fleet of state-of-
the-art machinery like 130 modular hydraulic axles and 15 heavy duty pullers along with other heavy-haul specialised trucks, cranes, loading beams, lifting tools, pick-ups and tackles etc. to load, secure and transport cargoes.
    Meticulous planning and management including a host of actions right from the planning to execution viz. feasibility study, route survey, weather condition assessment, on-road supervision, traffic management, de-energisation of power lines, contingency back-up etc.  
    A crew of dedicated professionals and specialists capable of managing specific tasks to ensure smooth job execution. The team members are trained for trouble shooting and are well equipped to handle point-to-point moves for projects of any magnitude.  
Perfect Partners for Complex Cargo  
With a proven delivery record and single window turnkey approach, we are a trusted name for our capabilities in Heavy & Specialised Transport, Oil Field Equipment Haulage and Erection Rigging.
Nabros is one of the most preferred transport partner in India for progressive multinational organisations across the world. We have developed capabilities and infrastructure to simultaneously take up multiple projects of varying complexities, never compromising on delivery schedules and cargo safety.