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  The Nabros team is armed with state-of-the-art equipment like special low bed trailers, semi-low bed trailers, flat bed trailers, cranes of various capacity etc.    
A technology driven approach, vast fleet of specialised transportation equipment plus a 25-year experience in Oil Field Equipment Haulage helps us provide quality services to various oil field exploration companies and refineries.
Experience & Expertise  
Together with our sister concerns - United Western, Mid West Trucking and West Coast Cranes, we offer in-depth expertise in complex and technologically advanced projects for
oil field equipment transportation.
Consequently, we are the preferred partners for various oil & gas drilling companies. Since 1985, we have been associated with many companies, engaged in the business of oil exploration in Gujarat and Rajasthan.
Service Spectrum  
The scope of our service includes transportation and shifting of drilling rigs to various locations. These drilling rigs consist of high-value, critical, heavy & over-sized components such as draw-works, mast, PCR, mud pumps etc. The transport also includes residence camps of people working on the rig.